in december and always

In December and Always AH Braken

In December and Always is a novella and the first book I published. Centred on a small village in Kent, Little Claydon is the childhood home of Ellen Shrimpton and the place where she fell in love with Will Saunders Now in her early thirties, Ellen lives in London and has the unenviable task of clearing out her mother's cottage following her death a few month before.

Arriving in Little Claydon a week before Christmas, Ellen intends to get the job done quickly, be home in London by Chritsmas Eve and most importantly, to avoid bumping into Will.


But fate has other ideas and within hours of arriving, Ellen finds herself face to face with Will, and the shattering reality that he looks every bit as good as he did when she last saw him 15 years ago.


Determined to stay focused on her task and not get drawn into Will's life in any way, Ellen faces stiff opposition from the locals, who seem hell bent on bringing the estranged lovers back together. But Will has a new life, including the fabulously glamourous woman he is living with, and her two small children - who both bear a strong resemblance to Will. 


Will Ellen get the job done and get home for Christmas or will fate conspire to keep her in Little Claydon and the unwelcome reality that her feelings for Will aren't quite as buried as she thought....


In December and Always is the perfect afternoon read.